Carol Soares

Director at Large (2022-2024)
Carol Soares, RSW (she/her), is a registered social worker, project manager, and equity, diversity and inclusion specialist who has dedicated the greater part of her 25-year career to supporting initiatives that address social justice issues that have historically perpetuated inequity and experiences of trauma.

Formerly the Director of Clinical Services for a non-profit women’s organization, Carol has used her creative ability to develop and implement projects incorporating innovative, anti-oppressive policy development and service delivery models.

Carol has always represented and advocated for the interests of those from racialized, equity-deserving groups, and has taken this work further through her efforts in diversity, equity and inclusion, mediation in cultural contexts, and human rights law training. She has also acquired experience in protocol development, program development and evaluation, data collection and analysis, curriculum development, and professional training for clinical service practitioners.

As social workers, Carol believes that it is possible to build capacity and sustainability in our sector when diversity is not only part of service delivery initiatives, but also a part of its leadership and governance structure. Like so many of her mission-driven social work colleagues, she also believes that the time has come to incorporate more meaningful inclusiveness in all that we do. Carol has always embraced the opportunity to be part of conscious collaboration processes and brings her desire to always remain curious and change-driven to OASW’s Board of Directors.