Final Decision Made by Government on Pandemic Pay

On April 25, 2020, the government announced it was providing eligible frontline workers with temporary pandemic pay. While the initial communication from government included social workers in youth and adult correctional facilities, OASW has been advocating strongly that social workers in all eligible workplaces be eligible for pandemic pay. In addition to our direct advocacy with government, we quickly engaged members on this issue and are grateful to those of you who sent hundreds of letters to the Minister of Health, the Minister of Children, Community and Social Services and the President of the Treasury Board in support of this expansion. 
The Ministry of Health sent out correspondence on this issue on May 27, 2020, stating that the government will not be expanding pandemic pay beyond those now deemed eligible. Please find the final list here: 
While we share your disappointment that the government chose not to extend pandemic pay to all social workers, we are pleased that over the past month our advocacy resulted in pandemic pay being extended to social workers in long-term care homes and that direct support workers and clinical staff in a number of social service settings were also named in receiving this pay. 
We wish to thank all members for your support of this important issue.