Honoring Mental Health Week and the Value of Empathy


The theme of this year’s Mental Health Week, from May 2 to 8, is empathy, which is both timely and incredibly relevant for our profession. The value of empathy in our work, communities and society matters now more than ever.

I have taken lessons from my life to focus on empathy at home and at work. Having lived in a multi-generational household, I know cultivating empathy makes a difference. As a South Asian woman, mother, and social worker I have named the importance of paying everyday attention to innovation and action driven by empathy. It’s a quality my grandmother, my Dadi expected me to understand, specifically when it came to helping our communities move forward to create opportunity for all.

During Mental Health Week 2022, OASW honors the incredible commitment of social workers like you who lead with empathy and embed it as a professional value in your work with others. We also recognize that the pandemic has introduced significant professional and personal challenges, and that you are not exempt to those. Take time to care for yourself, to invest deeply in self-empathy and to place value on you.

Deepy Sur
Chief Executive Officer

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