2018 Poster Award Winners

OASW’s Provincial Social Work Conference is the largest knowledge mobilization event for social workers in the province and poster presentations are an integral part of knowledge exchange at this event. 

At the November 2018 conference, over 25 posters were featured, highlighting innovative clinical interventions, community programs, research and approaches in education, program and policy development, relevant to social work practice. All poster abstracts were evaluated through a double-blind peer review process for acceptance to the conference. 

During the conference, posters were evaluated by two independent judges and awards were granted to the best poster in the following four categories: Practitioner, Student, Academic-Researcher and Collaborative (representing interdisciplinary authorship).

OASW wishes to congratulate all poster authors for their contribution to the 2018 Provincial Social Work Conference and is pleased to announce the 2018 poster award winners by category.


"I'm Not Alone": The Role of Peer Support Groups in Acute Care for Individuals Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Jenna Rines, MSW, RSW

The Daytime Support Group is a well-established resource at Mount Sinai Hospital for individuals affected by Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Co-facilitated by a  social worker and nurse, the focus of the Group is to provide an environment that promotes peer support and resource sharing to cope with the ups and downs of IBD. 

For more information, contact  Jenna Rines at: [email protected]


(The) Road to Connection: Combined Model of Caregiver Support & Arts Engagement for Care Recipients

Renee Climans, MSW, RSW; Melissa Tafler, MSW, RSW; Arlene Consky, MSW, RSW; Anna Berall, RN; Anna Santiago, MPH, MSc; Sandra Gardner, PhD; Gillian Rowe, PhD, C.Psych; Kelly Murphy, PhD, C.Psych; Adriana Shnall, PhD, MSW, RSW & with acknowledgement to Yuliya Goloida, MSW, RSW

Social workers developed and facilitated an innovative program with inter-professional colleagues to target community-based couples where one partner is caring for their spouse living with dementia. The program combined evidence-based interventions, caregiver support and a participatory arts interventions.

For more information, contact Renee Climans at: [email protected]


An Analysis of Ethnic Identification in Second-Generation Iranian Immigrants

Kimya Shahi, BSc, Psychology Student, York University & Arian Nouraee, Master of Global Affairs Student, University of Toronto

This poster presents the results of a study exploring ethnic identification in second-generation Iranian immigrants living in Canada. Results indicate that higher levels of perceived intragroup marginalization from family, friends, and Iranian community members negatively correlate with psychological well-being. 

For more information, contact Kimya Shahi at: [email protected]


Expanding "The Survivor Capsule": A Qualitative Study of Women's Experiences with Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) Counselling Services in Ontario

Stephanie Baird, PhD, MSW, RSW

This poster outlines a qualitative study investigating experiences of women attending counselling services for intimate partner violence (IPV). Study implications include recommendations for incorporating intersectional understandings of IPV and trauma into the provision of mental health services for IPV. 

For more information, contact Stephanie Baird at: [email protected]