OASW Engaging Government on Pandemic Pay for Front-Line Social Workers

On April 25, 2020, the Government of Ontario announced that it would be providing additional support for frontline workers fighting COVID-19 with a temporary $4/hour increase in pandemic pay and providing monthly lump sum payments of $250 for four months to eligible frontline workers who work over 100 hours per month.

As part of this announcement a list of eligible employees and workplaces was provided. OASW was disappointed to see that although social workers work on the front-line in all the eligible workplaces listed, they were only included by name as an eligible profession in adult correctional facilities and youth justice facilities. Therefore, we are engaging with government to urge them to include social workers by name as qualifying for pandemic pay at all eligible workplaces.

At this extraordinarily challenging time, we thank and applaud those social workers working tirelessly on the front-line to provide their clients, patients and their families and caregivers with the critical mental health care they require.