OASW in the Media: See the Latest Coverage 

On May 1, ahead of Mental Health Week, OASW issued a press release calling on employers to increase their focus on mental health as employees return to work, and encouraging leaders to start real, authentic conversations with their colleagues to promote a culture of workplace wellness.

The release shared six key pieces of advice for employers to promote wellness in the workplace, including through providing training and increased mental health coverage in employee benefits plans, as well as through leading with trust, empathy, inclusivity and open communication. 

The release resulted in the following media coverage targeted to workplace leaders:

There's a mental health crisis in Canada – and it's HR's job to fix it | Human Resources Director Canada
The article highlighted the importance of employers’ roles in promoting workplace wellness, sharing key advice and recommendations from OASW’s CEO Dr. Deepy Sur. 

The release comes as OASW has been stepping up our advocacy and engagement on workplace mental health. 

Part and parcel with these efforts, we are pleased to share that OASW’s CEO Dr. Deepy Sur will be speaking at an upcoming virtual panel, happening Tuesday, May 17 at noon, presented by Canadian Club Toronto.

Back to the Office: Redefining Workplace Wellness in the Post-Covid World will explore how strengthening mental health supports in the workplace will be critical for businesses as we look to address the impacts of COVID-19.

Alongside business, HR and insurance industry leaders, Deepy will be making the case for strengthening our focus on employee mental health, including why this will pay dividends for our teams, our society and our organizations.

About OASW
OASW is the voice of social work in Ontario. It is a voluntary, bilingual, non-profit association representing 8,000+ social workers. All members have a university degree in social work at the bachelor, master or doctoral level. OASW works to actively speak on behalf of social workers on issues of interest to the profession and advocates for the improvement of social policies and programs directly affecting social work practice and client groups served.