OASW Beverley Antle Leadership Award
Recognizing the pivotal and dynamic leadership roles played by social workers in non-traditional leading edge positions. 

OASW Lifetime Achievement Award 
Recognizing social workers whose values, accomplishments and career reflect a passion, commitment and distinguished contribution to the social work profession.

OASW Inspirational Leader Award
Recognizing social workers who are inspirational role models.
OASW Life Membership

Recognizing and profiling the outstanding contributions of long-standing members to the Association and the profession.

OASW Champion of Social Change & Human Rights Award
Recognizing an individual or group whose courage and determination has brought about social change and/or promoted human rights in Ontario.  

OASW Nominees for Government of Ontario Volunteer Service Award
Honouring the many Ontarians who generously contribute their time as volunteers to a large number of organizations and associations.

OASW Annual Student Membership Award
Encouraging student engagement and involvement with the profession and with OASW.

Beverley Antle OASW Scholarship 
In memory of Beverley Antle, who was OASW President from 2002 to 2006.
OASW School Social Work Achievement Award
Recognizing school social workers committed to the development, promotion, and advocacy of School Social Work for the purpose of improving the quality of education and life for children, families, and communities in Ontario.

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