OASW Member Rights - 2017
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OASW Staff

Dr. Deepy Sur, RSW

Chief Executive Officer
Responsible for the overall management of the Association. Provides leadership in strategic planning, professional advocacy, program development, etc.

Rita Mascherin

Manager, Administration & Services (Bilingual)
Oversees all administrative and support services and delivery of membership services.  
rita@oasw.org | Ext 224 

Vanessa Rankin, MSW, RSW 

Manager, Advocacy, Research and Education 
Responsible for initiatives that advance the goals of the Association related to advocacy, research and education.
vrankin@oasw.org | Ext 231

Jasmine Ferreira, MSW, RSW

Manager, Communications and Public Relations (Part-Time)
Responsible for communications and public awareness initiatives that raise the profile of OASW and Social Workers.
jtf@oasw.org | Ext 234

Wendy McGuire, MSW, PhD, RSW

Manager, Member Engagement & Outreach (Part-Time)
Supports OASW Branches and local leaders in advancing the goals of the Association across the province
wmcguire@oasw.org | Ext 233

Christine Stibor

Membership Administrator
Processes membership applications and renewals, and maintains membership records and financial data.
membership@oasw.org | Ext 225

Anna Loi

Member Relations & Services Administrator
Co-ordinates membership services, including Job Search Initiative, virtual networking groups, GoodLife memberships and more; and manages website.
membership2@oasw.org | Ext 230

Pina Simonetta

Communications Co-ordinator
Provides co-ordination and administrative support for OASW communications.
info@oasw.org | Ext 221

Mirjana Nevajdic

SWSSWPDF Program Administrator
Administers the SWSSWPD Fund and provides administrative support for OASW.
swsswpdf@oasw.org | Ext 226 

Amrit Khaper | Accountant (Part-Time)

Responsible for the Association's financial records.

Kelly Zhao | Data Entry Clerk/Shop OASW (Part-Time)

Bessie Damas | Data Clerk (Part-Time)
Rosanne Wong | File Clerk (Part-Time)

Christine Walsh | Clerk (Part-Time)

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