During March 2021, participants attended engaging seminars daily from 12:00pm-1:00pm EST led by exceptional practitioners, leaders and researchers on a variety of relevant topics to enhance your social work practice. 

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Monday, March 1 | Keynote Kickoff: Dr. Deepy Sur, MSW, RSW, PhD
"Social Workers Leading Transformative Change During Unprecedented Times"

Tuesday, March 2 | Alice Sabourin, MSW, RSW
"Bringing Your Bundle - Understanding the Value of Traditional Approaches to Community Building"

Wednesday, March 3 | Dr. Peter Donahue, PhD, MSW, BA, BSc
"The Revolving Closet Door: Promising Practices in Supporting LGBTQ Older Adults"

Thursday, March 4 | Shereen Ashman, M.Ed, HBA, SSW, Director of Operations
"CEE Culture: Caring for Staff & Service Users in Trauma Charged Environments"

Friday, March 5 | Allyson Ion, Emily Nicholas Angl, & Ana Fonseca
"Strengthening Collaborative Mental Health Care through the Integration of Client Knowledge: An Interactive Workshop to Enhance Social Work Practice"
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Monday, March 8 | David Knezevic, CYC, MSW, RSW, Dr. Rosemary Vito, PhD, MSW, RSW, & Gina Kayssi, MA
"Bridging the Divide Between Emerging Leaders and Senior Management: An Innovative Leadership Development Opportunity for Student Leaders"

Tuesday, March 9 | Dr. Tanya Shute, RSW, MSW, PhD
"Strengthening Consumer/Survivor-Run Organizations and Services in Ontario"

Wednesday, March 10 | Shona Welsh, BA, MCEd, CHRL, CCC
"Innovation Acceleration: Developing 'Sticky' Ideas"

Thursday, March 11 | Jenn Bruer, Burnout Recovery Facilitator, CYC
"Burnout Recovery Beyond Self-Care"

Friday, March 12 | Dr. Pamela Grassau, MSW, PhD, Hayley Miloff, MSc, Emily Davison, BA, Heather McGrath, RN, Colleen Mayo-Pankhurst, MA, Alexa Keeshan, BSc, Christine Klerian-Rodriguez, MEd, Sue Horrocks, MSW, RSW
"Healthy End of Life Project (HELP) Ottawa: Collaborating, Building, Innovating in Faith Community Sites"



Monday, March 15 | Amar Ghelani, MSW, RSW, PhD Student 

"Listening to Voices: A Meaning-Focused Framework for Supporting People with Auditory Verbal Hallucinations"

Tuesday, March 16 | Melissa Pyne, MSW, RSW, The Daring Way Facilitator™

"Understanding Shame: A more compassionate approach to working with addiction"

Wednesday, March 17 |Molly Bannerman, MSW

"Women & Harm Reduction in Ontario: Building our Collective Capacity"

Thursday, March 18 | Claire Rykelyk-Huizen, MSW, RSW 

"Competencies for Canada’s Substance Use and Addiction Workforce: A Social Work Focus"

Friday, March 19 | Siham Elkassem, RSW, MSW, PhD Candidate 

"Gatekeepers Perspectives on Substance use & Abuse in a Muslim Community in Ontario"



Monday, March 22 | Leah Jeffery, MSW (Candidate)
 "Complex Support Coordination: Innovative Model to Support Individuals with a Dual Diagnosis"

Tuesday, March 23 | Claire McMenemy, LL.B., MSW, RSW, PhD Candidate
"Supporting Resilience in ADHD: The Role of Social Workers"

Wednesday, March 24 | Mycah Katz, MSW, RSW
"Social Work Practice with the Polyamorous Community"

Thursday, March 25 | Dr. Wendy McGuire, MSW, RSW, PhD, & Clémentine Pirlot, Software Engineer & Autistic Advocate
 "What Do I Need To Know To Recognize and Work Effectively With Neurodivergent Adults"

Friday, March 26 | Closing Panel

Dr. Bharati Sethi
"Aging Well: Partnering to Optimize Social Supports & Inclusion for Older Immigrants in Ontario, Canada"
Kindra Lewis, RSW, MSW & Vanessa Peck RSW, MSW
"Vulnerable Adults and Elder Abuse"