Welcome Social Work Students!

 Students are highly valued members of OASW. If you are a student in one of Ontario's faculties or schools of social work, join OASW! Through your membership, you are contributing to the future of the profession by helping to ensure that issues relevant to social work practice, and services provided to vulnerable client groups the profession serves, are addressed.


Social Work Students across Ontario are invited to participate in monthly Digital Drop-ins.

When? The last Friday of each month from 12:00pm - 1:00pm.
Where? Online from anywhere (campus, at home, practicum) or in-person at the host-site.
Who? ALL social work students, members and non-members.
Why? To connect diverse social work student voices and perspectives across the province while building social work and leadership skills.








Diversity and Inclusivity Statement

By joining the OASW’s Digital Drop-in, I am agreeing to respect everyone’s time and energy and will be following these guidelines:

  • Actively contribute to creating an inclusive space for all participants.
  • Be thoughtful, kind, and communicate in anti-oppressive ways by avoiding mis-gendering, transphobia, homophobia, Sanism and ableism, anti-Black and other forms of racism, anti-Indigeneity, Islamophobia and antisemitism, sexism, classism, drug use and sex work stigma, and all forms of shaming.
  • Be aware of the disruptive and harmful impacts of microaggressions (i.e., indirect, subtle, or unintentional instances of discrimination) and minimize them as much as possible.
  • Promote a culture of calling-in as opposed to calling-out, embodying a forgiving and educating mindset when unintentional “slips” occur.
  • Be open to critical and educational discussions, as well as taking a learner’s stance rather than making assumptions.
These are living guidelines and we acknowledge that we haven’t captured everything. If you have feedback on how we can further promote an inclusive space, please email swstudent@oasw.org.
We use Zoom Video conferencing! 

It's YOUR voice! Join today.

The Ontario Association of Social Workers would like to congratulate you on choosing social work as your profession. 

A career in social work provides a diverse range of exciting opportunities in which to apply the knowledge and skills you will acquired in your social work program. 

We want to highlight a few exciting OASW membership benefits, services and resources: 

Publication: Tips and Advice on Conducting a Social Work Job Search - topics include: today's social work job market; how jobs can be located; what employers want; a self-assessment; job search on the Internet, networking; a job search tool kit; the job interview; and much more. 

Online job search site:  SocialWorkJobs.ca, affiliated with Madgex to provide a comprehensive job-networking tool. The user-friendly website enables Association members to not only search for social work positions but also submit job applications online and post their CVs. 

There are many benefits of becoming a member of OASW: 

  • Stay current and save time with critical information.
  • Make your voice heard by joining in collective advocacy to benefit society and social work clients.
  • Ensure that decision-makers recognize the contribution of social workers.
  • Network and engage with colleagues at the local and provincial levels. And so much more.

Student membership costs $99 per year. Join Now and benefit from reduced membership fees for the first two years following graduation. 

We encourage you to explore our website and learn more about the role of the Association as the voice for social workers in Ontario. 

Becoming a member of the Ontario Association of Social Workers strengthens the social work profession and gives social workers and clients a stronger voice.

Ensure that social work has a strong, unified presence. Support social work in Ontario. Join OASW. It's your voice!

If you have any questions, contact us @ info@oasw.org.

Have a great year!