Eligibility Requirements:

To be eligible for the Fund, an applicant must:
  • Be a registered member of the College, in good standing; and
  • If employed, be employed within Ontario.
  1. Funding for eligible activities will be available on a first-come first-served basis, and will be evaluated in accordance with the objectives of the fund.
  2. All other potential sources of training funding must be pursued before this funding will be available.
  3. Only fees paid by the individual applicant are eligible for reimbursement. Fees paid by businesses are not eligible. Applications from employers will not be accepted. Funds will not be reimbursed to a business bank account.
Funds will be used to pay for all or part of eligible costs related to the professional development activities that are relevant to professional practice that advance the knowledge and skills, including those that are related to leadership and enhance social service and health care delivery and/or the quality of social service and health care. 

  • Workshops;
  • Courses, including online taken as part of professional development and not in pursuit of and educational degree/diploma
  • Conferences;
  • Seminars; and
  • Fees/costs associated with activities that support raising Aboriginal cultural awareness & competency skills.
  • Books, course materials, etc.;
  • Administrative fees;
  • Activity fees including: exam fees, membership fees, subscription fees;
  • Salaries for participants while attending professional development sessions;
  • Activities for which other sources of funding/reimbursement have been received; and
  • Meals, accommodation and travel or other out-of-pocket expenses.