Take Action! Advocate for Social Work Inclusion in Pandemic Pay Increase

We Need Your Help: Appeal to Key Decision Makers to Include Social Workers in Pandemic Pay Increase.

The government has announced that it will be providing frontline workers fighting COVID-19 with a temporary $4/hour increase in pandemic pay and providing monthly lump sum payments of $250 for four months to eligible frontline workers who work over 100 hours per month. As part of this announcement a list of eligible employees and workplaces was provided.  OASW was disappointed to see that social workers on the frontline were excluded in eligible workplaces except for adult correctional facilities and youth justice facilities.

OASW has been actively engaged in advocacy on this issue on your behalf. Now it is time to extend this work. The strength of OASW is our membership and we need you to take action by: 

  1. Open the template letter below and copy and paste it into an email. 
  2. Personalize or edit the letter as required.
  3. Send to the key contacts below
  4. Share this information widely within your networks to ensure that the important voice of all social workers is heard on this issue!
If you do not currently work on the frontline but wish to advocate for social workers who do, please edit the template letter to make your voice heard and show your support.

This advocacy initiative has now ended. For more information, please see our update in Recent News . Thank you to everyone who participated.